by Vette



Vette sang on this demo for Markaholic as a pitch to ABC for a commercial promo for the popular TV show, "So You Think You Can Dance". They chose it and it aired in September/October of 2010.

This track featuring Vette, is NOT FOR DOWNLOAD nor for sale through This track is owned by ABC. If interested check out "The Charlies" on iTunes!


I’m coming out tonight
I’m gonna do this right
You’ll never make me stop
No other number one
When this is said and done
I’m gonna be on top
I’mma be the one for you to beat
How you gonna take this kind of heat
I’m rockin’ with a rebel kind of rhythm
I know how to put you to the test
Rising to the top to beat the best
I’m about to corner them and get ‘em

I-I-I-I’m a fighter on the dance floor
You’re in a dance war
Step it up and show me your game
I-I-I-I’m a fighter on the dance floor
It’s what I came for
Destiny is calling my name

I’m stepping in the ring
I’m gonna do my thing
Until I’m standing tall
I’ll show you perfect ten
And bring it back again
Until I win it all
Gonna take a lot to last the night
Competition’s up and outta sight
I’m suiting up and getting in position
Gotta feel the winner’s kinda rush
Champions are lying in my dust
Comin’ like a monster on a mission


BRIDGE (Rap by Markaholic)
Sneakin’ up on ya
You’ll never catch me creepin’ up up on ya
I’ll put my paws on ya
Snap my jaws on ya
(Get my claws on ya)
I’m circling around
Nothing you can do will ever slow me down
I’ll come and bounce on ya
Gonna pounce on ya



released October 1, 2010
Vocals, Vette
Song, Markaholic
Production, Markaholic



all rights reserved


Vette Los Angeles, California

Vette is here to hypnotize, and guide you into your own inner space. Her three EP releases unravel from highly produced pop projects, "Vette" and "15 Minutes;" to the lush, organic, "Wonderlust," co-written and produced with Rob Giles. Revealed in this sonic trajectory and in her newest project, is Vette's own unraveling of herself from tough and smart, to vulnerable and sincere. ... more

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